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Rahsun of Wing Chun

A Beautiful farm for sale - Grinders Switch Farms


Misbegotten : Runaway Nun


"Seto" - Short Film

"Mothers Advice" - Short Film

"Life Was Wonderful" - Short Film

Rahsun of Wingchun - Documentary 

Dave's Hot Chicken - Commercial

Mechanix Nightlife - Internet Ad

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun -  Comic Ad

"Grinder Switch Farms" - Real Estate

"Twin Lakes Homes" - Real Estate

"Willard Airboat Camp" - Real Estate


Music Video Director

Omega Swan - “Get Along”

Josh Cocktail - "Untouchable"

Eightyninegeeks - "A shift in Consciousness"

Ghost Wars - “I love You just the same”

Omega Swan - "Magic Potion"

Eightyninegeeks - "React with Love"

David Sol Vincent - "DJ Treehouse"

Tim Gore - "God gave me you"

Script Supervisor

Amber McNeil’s “Mirrors”

DJ Haye’s “Photoshop”



Josh Cocktail - “Fire” - Music Video

Dave's Hot Chicken - Commercial

"Life Was Wonderful" - Short Film

"Mother Advice" - Short Film

Executive Producer

Salema Gabriel “Amuse”

DJ Haye’s “DakotaChrome”

Aditi Karwa's "Laugh it Off"

Jape Micheal’s “Melodie’s Note”